To give every man, woman, and child repeated opportunities to hear, see, and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ

The Core Values at Steamtown reflect what we as a Church believe to be the best way to accomplish our Mission Statement. These values act as guidelines to help us stay focused on a unified vision within our Church.

No perfect people allowed

No one is perfect.  No one needs to be good enough to go to Church.  Apart from the Grace God has given us through Jesus, we are all completely hopeless.  It is our desire at Steamtown Church to display that same grace toward one another.  We strive to have an attitude of humility in all of our relationships.  Every person that shows up at Steamtown Church should feel loved and cared for.

Gospel Saturation

We believe that God desires us to take responsibility to ensure that every man, women, and child has repeated opportunities to hear and see the gospel.  But we can only do so much.  So we are committed to saturate our specific geography (South Scranton) where God has placed us with the Gospel.  We are also committed to helping other Churches do the same.  We cannot accomplish our mission without all of God’s people accomplishing theirs.


Our desire is that Steamtown Church always maintains a family environment.  We are not attending some organization.  We are God’s children and together make us the body of Christ.  We commit our lives to one another and to a common mission.  We treat each other as brothers and sister displaying the same love toward one another that Jesus displayed toward us.

Future generations

Children are a blessing from God.  It is our privilege to tell the next generation the story of God’s grace toward us through His son Jesus.  We will do all we can to ensure that not only our children have repeated opportunities to hear and see the Gospel, but that every child in our geography has the same opportunity.  We need to take time to disciple and invest into as many children as we can.

Multi-Generational Worship

We love every generation represented in our church and we want to see them all experience a meaningful time of corporate worship every week.   However, the church throughout history has redeemed the music of its time. We at Steamtown follow that model and will lean in our weekly services toward music relevant to our culture, but we also will seek new and fresh ways to honor the music and expressions of worship from the past that have left a lasting impact on the church.